Cryptocurrency is changing the world. I stumbled upon it in 2011 as I was reading about the latest antics of the now-famous hacking group Lulzsec. They had defaced Sony’s website, and at the bottom of the page they asked for donations to curious string of characters. Bitcoin, huh? I was hooked.

Every day since then I have studied the ever-expanding cryptocurrency space. It’s a world changing idea. Borderless deflationary digital currency, making remittance cheap and fast. A way to bank the unbanked poor. A tool to level the financial playing field across the globe. The idea of digital currency is huge, too big to explain here, but here are a few links to get you started:

Andreas Antonopoulos
Old school, brilliant, & unbiased. Read everything you can from him if you’d like to know more about Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.

Doug Polk Podcast
Listen to me talk to Doug Polk about crypto for over 2 hours.

Sideshift.ai A nice site for changing from one cryptocurrency to another.

Micon FPV View on YouTube